Africa: Art/Design

November 5 - December 23, 2021

At their best the traditional arts of Africa and Oceania are surprising, unexpected and full of genius. Among the existing masks, utilitarian objects and ritual figures there are carvings that stand out, objects that move us, surprise or amuse us because of their sculptural qualities.


Created to convey status or tell a story, the objects, masks and figures presented in our Africa: Art/Design exhibition celebrate creativity and exude aesthetic wonder. Among the highlights are: a Bobo mask; a large Baule Goli mask; a Dan mask with coiffure; a Luba Janus staff formerly in the collection of Sidney and Bernice Clyman; a Lozi box formerly in the collection of Martin and Faith Wright; a magnificent Yoruba divination box; an anthropomorphic Chokwe stool and an Igbo prestige stool.