Power of the Ancestors: Sculpture from Central Africa 

March 2 - April 15, 2017

Power of the Ancestors: Sculpture from Central Africa, an exhibition of over 30 works, represents the broad range of masks, figures and ritual fetish objects from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of the Congo and Gabon.  Although we may not fully understand the function of each object, its power is undeniable.  

Throughout history world cultures have celebrated their ancestors.  In Central Africa ancestors and their spirits were summoned in a wide variety of situations: from conflict resolution to healing sickness, from unmasking witches and witchcraft, to war and clan migration.  Figures, masks, and reliquaries were carved to communicate with influential forebears, and to keep ancestors present and engaged in the world of the living.  These sacred objects are remarkable works of art and clearly demonstrate the importance of the ancestors.

Installation Views